Instagram Updates #1 – More photos in a post

After all the updates in 2016, I am very curious what Instagram will bring new in 2017.

screenshot_2017-02-24-11-50-24Well, I didn’t had to wait too long ’cause the bomb news came yesterday when Instagram introduced the new update. Now you can upload multiple images and videos in the same post. WOW! Frankly, I did not expect this one and I do have mixed feelings about it.

It is very simple. If you have more photos or videos from an event, a party or a trip, now you can upload them to an album of maximum 10 elements.  How to do it? When you want to upload a new photo you will see a new button which allows you to select multiple photos, as seen in the next photo.


After you selected the images you can arrange them in any order you want, you can edit them all at once or each one individual. What you have to know is that you can upload only square photos or videos, at least for now.

In the feed you will notice some blue dots below the post that shows how many images you can view by swiping and on the profile you will recognize the same specific button for multiple selection on those albums.

I have to admit, at first I found it a little crazy, I thought Instagram is going far away from what it was supposed to be at the beginning but then I started to see the advantage of this new update.

What do you think about it?


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