Our holiday in Belgium was a spontaneous one.  I mean, after so many questions like “when will you visit?” we looked up for some tickets and in a few moments we already had taken them. We’re more spontaneous, we do not make plans. The purpose of the visit was to spend time together, so we didn’t plan where to go or what to do. We knew, however, that we want to see Brussels. Given the news and the situation there, we postponed visiting the capital until Friday afternoon, March 18, when we decided to go for a quick trip.

We entered Brussels through Molenbeek. Tension, agglomeration, traffic. Once we got in the center, we headed with BIG steps toward Grote Markt which was full of tourists, surprising. This large square of Brussels is not as big as you might think. Here you can see the town hall which I heard that is open for visits, the Royal House which is the city museum and where, oddly enough, never lived any king, and all the guild houses.

Speechless… #prayforbruxelles #brussels #bruxelles #belgium

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I admired it and I tried to take some shots, but with so many people around you it’s hard not to catch anyone in the frame. On the way to Manneken Pis we entered in almost all chocolate shops because you can not be in Belgium without tasting some Belgian chocolate. The little boy was surrounded by sooooo many people who was taking selfies with him, and we couldn’t be the exception. Well, more for fun. : D


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Before going back home and we went to see the Royal Palace too. On the way to the palace we passed beside:

Mont des Arts

– historic site in the center of the city with an amazing view. from where you can see the tower of the Town Hall.

Trying to write about Brussels… don't know what to say… #soopertinathetraveler #instacameleo

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Church of St. Jean sur Coudenberg

Musical Instruments Museum

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