My instagram goals

You already know that I love instagram as I said it so many times. Until now I did not had a theme for my feed. No matter how much I tried my photos didn’t look similar and another reason is that I photograph anything:city scapes, streets, food, people etc.

This year I want my feed to look more clean and organised  (if it makes sense ). So here I am writing my instagram goals for 2017 which are more like some rules that I want to respect.

1. Photos taken only by phone. I admit that in the past I posted a few (max. 5%) photos that I took with my DSLR because there are situations when my mediocre smartphone doesn’t help me and I don’t want to lose the shot. Don’t get me wrong, I am not anti those who do it, I just want to challenge myself and share only photos from my phone.

2. No more black-and-white. I looooove bnw photos buuuut I hate when my feed finally looks connected and then bam! I post one bnw photo and I screw it. Or vice versa.


3. Only square photos. This one is really hard, I already know I can’t do it! If I had a phone with the option to photograph in the 1:1 format maybe it was easier. Sometimes I feel like the cropped it’t not as good as the original.

4. To be more involved in the community and to interact more with other instagrammers, whether I already know them or not.

5. Follow people that I really like. No more follow for follow (I did it sometimes).

6. Be more active on stories. And what i mean with that is that i want to start to show my face more and talk in front of the camera which seems easy for most of you but for me is THE HARDEST THING EVER! i feel safe in the back takig pictures and also i almost hate how my voice sounds on video. OMG! I just can’t do it… so this one is the biggest challenge!

7. More flatlays. I’m really bad at it so i need more exercise, thats why I’m gonna try and do one every month (easy, right?!). Btw, January is almost gone so where is that flatlay, Soopertina?!?!?!

8. Double my followers.

9. Post every single day, at least one photo.

10. Better photos.

If you want to know how much I respect these rules that I made for myself, follow me on instagram @soopertina.

Bye bye!


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