On a rainy day

I know, everyone says that it’s stupid or amateurish to still photograph flowers after so many years. ‘Only kids or wannabe photographers do that’ bla bla bla.

I don’t think of myself as a good photographer, not at all. I am my biggest critic. I often don’t like my photos, I see in them even the smallest mistakes. I don’t know why, but in the last weeks i feel like I don’t want to touch my camera and photograph anything or I think i have nothing interesting to immortalize in a frame. NOTHING AT ALL. And also i started to dislike all my photographs, even those I really loved at the moment I took them. I feel like i have nothing to do with photography. Maybe it’s just a temporary mood which will not last forever or it’s the real truth. Don’t know.

I have my obsessions/things i like in photography. I am obsessed with windows, buildings, lines, symetry, doors etc. And despite what I said in the first paragraph I do like to photograph flowers and leaves. I do love close-up photography and I will do it forever no matter what.

Today it’s not raining outside but it’s a shitty weather so i decided to post the photos i took on a rainy day at the beginning of summer. Shitty weather as my shitty mood.

*click the photos to see them*
And a selfie too.

And a selfie too.


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