6 ianuarie 2011 – Boboteaza

“Boboteaza” is a local Romanian tradition and it celebrates the baptism of Jesus Christ, every year on January 6th. There are many traditions which differ from one area of the country to another. In villages located on the banks of a river, the Danube or on the seashore, it is customary for the priest to throw a wooden cross in the cold water and a few brave lads jump into the water to bring it back. In all Orthodox churches, priests are holy water (holy water) that “baptize” water, people, animals and houses.
In my hometown, after ending the church service, those who have horses bring them to the church to be baptized by a priest. After that, all the horses are beautiful accessorized and they parade to be seen and appreciated by everyone. They participate in various competitions of speed, traction, or even a horse race that takes place over a longer distance.


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